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Our lakes

In the Cortina Delicious area there are six lakes, which are very different from each other but united by the special charm that only high mountain lakes have.

They are easy to reach even for the youngest.

Lake of Lìmides

©Michele Da Pozzo

They are easily accessible even for the smallest tots. Let's go in search of Lake Limìdes!

An easy route brings you in a short time to a magical place where peace and contact with nature merge with the clear waters of this small lake.

The origin of its name is not clear, having been lost in the mists of time and the legends of the Dolomites.

Mount Averau is mirrored in it, the Sasso di Stria, the Lagazuoi and the Tofana di Rozes protect it.

Lake Bai de Dones

Near the start of the Cinque Torri chair lift and the Baita Bai de Dones restaurant lies Lake Bài de Dònes, which is surrounded by ancient legends.

It is said that the lake was inhabited by the mysterious and much feared Anguànes, creatures with goats’ hooves who were servants of the god Sylvanus.When the Anguànes washed their master’s laundry, they would come out into the open and could easily be seen.

Should some imprudent person have the misfortune to observe them at that critical moment, their fury at the presence of a stranger would unleash a fearsome storm.

The legend of Lake Bai de Dones.

Perhaps it is precisely out of this legend that the saying arose that when a woman who is regarded as being wicked does her washing, the weather will change for the worse.

The lake rests on a layer of impermeable clay which stops the water from dispersing.

On its shores you can admire a particular form of amphibious vegetation and fauna.

 Lagaciò (or Lake of Lagazuoi)

Beyond the Lagazuoi, at the far end of the wide valley facing the Conturines, there lies a jewel of  glacial origin set in the rock: a splash of dark green in which are reflected the Torre del Lago and the wall of the Scotoni.

This is the Lagaciò, a perennial lake supplied by underground springs, whose colours soften the wild rocky landscape of the Armentarola.

It can be reached by taking the cable car up to the Falzarego Pass; you then proceed along the crest of the Lagazuoi, finally crossing the valley along the old wartime road.

Walk to lake Lagaciò.

©Michele Da Pozzo

Lake of Valparola

If you are in search of emotions and you have never been to the Valparola Pass, we recommend a visit to this magical place: you will be astonished by its enchanted beauty.

It is not by chance that it  continues to be the backdrop for numerous publicity spots.

It is worthwhile stopping here to go around this small lake set in the bright green of the meadows, right at the side of the road.

If your pleasure at discovering new things is combined with a taste for history, then visit the Tre Sassi Fort, a few steps from the lake.

The formation of this lake on the pass is due to the impermeable clay at the bottom which prevents the water from dispersing.

On its shores you can observe an interesting array of amphibious vegetation and fauna

©Michele Da Pozzo

Lake of Federa

The splendid scenery surrounding its waters makes it one of our most-loved destinations both in summer and in winter.

A natural playground for children, it's far away from the centre of Cortina and the ski lifts. The peace and beauty of the place make it a unique jewel overlooking the colossi of the Croda da Lago, Croda Rossa, Pomagagnon, Cristallo, Sorapiss and the Becco di Mezzodì.

For the more courageous, it is a chance to take an invigorating high-altitude dip during the warmer part of the day.

Also known as the Lago da Lago, the lake takes the name Fedéra from Féda (“sheep”), referring to the ancient pasture land that you come across after around half an hour's descent.

The particular fauna populating this high-altitude expanse of water consists of small fish, molluscs and mountain newts. Both in summer and in winter, the level of the water remains constant, probably thanks to the existence of one or more subterranean springs.

Numerous legends have arisen out of these waters. Ask Angelica, the youngest daughter of the owners of the Croda da Lago Refuge, situated right at the side of the lake, to tell you the story of  Zan de Rame and Donna Dindia up against a perfidious dragon…

Visiting the Lake Federa from Peziè de Parù.