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Snowshoe hike past Lake Ajal to the ancient Peziè de Parù alpine pasture

This is a stunning, undemanding snowshoe hike to a magical lake, through an enchanted forest and to a large alpine pasture with an ancient mountain refuge in the middle. The destination is Malga Peziè de Parù: a beautiful and modern refuge that once was the abode of shepherds.

The route does not present particular difficulties, apart from the length: 7.4 km there and back, time needed approx. 3.5 hours*.

* Estimated walking time

** If you don't have snowshoes and poles, you can rent them at the Sports Equipment Rental Pocol.
The equipment will be provided to people who book the snowshoe hike with the accompaniment of Cortina’s Mountain Guides.

© Tipografia Ghedina

Difficulty: easy
Total duration: 3,5 hrs
Departure point: Parking lot near the Lago di Pianozes restaurant
Arrival point: Malga Peziè de Parù Refuge
Total ascent: 354 m.
Total descent: 354 m.
Total difference in height: 708 m.
Altitude at starting point: 1181 m.
Altitude at arrival: 1.535 m

From the parking lot at the Lago di Pianozes restaurant, go downhill for about 30 m and take the road that follows the signpost 430 to the Lago d'Ajal Refuge. Located on the shores of the lake of the same name and embedded in a natural paradise at 1,405 meters above sea level, this refuge is a wonderful place to stop for breakfast, a snack or lunch. Please note: the Lago d'Ajal Refuge will not be open during the 2023-24 winter season.
Then continue on path 431 until you reach a clearing where the “Cason del Macarón” barn is located, nowadays used by day-trippers. At the crossroads, turn right onto path 406, which leads to the state road to the Giau Pass. Cross the road, continue to the left on the snow-covered meadow and reach the Malga Peziè de Parù refuge. It lies amidst a large high alpine pasture, at 1,535 metres above sea level, and grants a stunning view of the Tofana, 5 Torri, Antelao, Sorapis and Cristallo. The kitchen of this refuge is based on the original mountain recipes and serves tasty dishes such as Casunziei, dumplings and barley soup prepared according to the local tradition.


Return to the starting point downhill on the same way.

Gear: Snow shoes and poles**, snow clothing, gloves and hat, warm footwear.
Best time of year: from December to March