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The Great War Ski Tour

For the 2022-23 winter season, the Great War Tour is closed in both directions
from Monday 20th March
because of the termination of the Pescul-Fedare and Masarè-Malga Ciapela ski bus services.

Eighty kilometres of history and nature, along slopes covered in perfect snow, exhilarating altitudes, views unequalled anywhere in the world, and frozen waterfalls: this, in essence, is The Great War Ski Tour.

In winter you can do the entire Tour in one day: skibus, slopes and lifts create a ring touching the Giau Pass, the Falzarego Pass, the Badia Valley, Arabba and Alleghe, completely skirting the Col di Lana.

It is a spectacular route, suitable for everyone, winding around the bases of the most famous peaks.

No other place is so rich in history as the Lagazuoi 5 Torri area (Super8 Ski Tour), where you can see the emplacements of the open-air museums. You can start out from the Civetta on a bus which takes you to the Fedare refuge at the Giau Pass, from where the chair lift goes up to the Averau refuge.

At the 5 Torri the Italian trenches can be seen. The terrace of the refuges command splendid views of the Col di Lana, the Tofana di Rozes, the Castelletto and the Col di Bos. At Falzarego Pass you can go up to the Lagazuoi by cable car, to reach the highest point of the Tour, a full 2800 metres high.

From the cable car cabin can be seen the openings of the Italian mine tunnel and the Tre Sassi Fort on the road to the Valparola Pass.

From this year on (2021 - 2022), the Falzarego and Lagazuoi 5 Torri Giau ski area can be reached on skis thanks to the new gondola lift Son dei Prade-Tofana-5 Torri.


On the Lagazuoi, you can visit on skis the Austrian machine gun post and just below the guard post with the officers’ shack.

You then descend the Armentarola slope, in one of the most fascinating environments of the  Dolomites. At the bottom, a horse-drawn tow takes the skiers to the slopes of the Badia Valley, where they proceed to Arabba, Padon and Marmolada.


The Great War Ski Tour from Falzarego to the 5 Torri

If you follow the Tour in a clockwise direction, you can reach the slopes of the 5 Torri from Falzarego on skis.

From here, you can first take the modern four-seater chair lift to the Scoiattoli refuge and then the second lift to the Forcella Nuvolau.

You then go down the "Fedare" slope to the homonymous refuge, where there is a shuttle service providing the link with Pescul and the Civetta, and the continuation of the Tour.

The Great War Ski Tour starting from Badia

You can start from the Upper Badia using a paying taxi-bus leaving from Hotel Armentarola and stopping at the Falzarego Pass.

From the Pass, you can take the cable car to the top of Mount Lagazuoi.

From there, you descend along the "Lagazuoi" slope to reach the Gallina Ridge ski lifts and then the 5 Torri chair lift, continuing the Tour in the direction of the Giau Pass.

The Great War Ski Tour starting from the Civetta
The 5 Torri ski area can be reached counter-clockwise with the shuttle buses (on payment) departing from Pescul in the Civetta ski area.

Then take the Fedare chairlift to the Averau saddle, descend the Fedare piste, turn right to the Croda Negra chairlift, which leads to a small saddle, the starting point of the Croda Negra slope.

This beautiful panoramic piste leads first to Col Gallina and then to the Falzarego pass, where you take the Lagazuoi cable car. On Mt. Lagazuoi you can visit the emplacement FW 4 and then descend on the Armentarola slope to the Val Badia. 

Distances, map, taxi-bus and skibus

The Great War Ski Tour requires an early morning ski start 

Distances including one hour for lunch:

Length of the route: 78-100 km
on skis: 25-41 km
with lift facilities: 17-23 km
by ski bus: 36 km
required time: 6.30-7.30 hrs

Length of the route: 84,5-99 km
on skis: 34,5-43 km
with lift facilities: 20-26 km
with the horse-drawn lift: 1,5 km
by ski bus: 28,5 km
required time:7-8 hrs