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Italian cuisine is famous all over the world. Each region has developed its own recipes with original flavours and aromas.

The refuges and the restaurants of the Cortina Delicious area are not an  exception.

The area is called "Delicious"  to underline the gastronomic aspect, which is characterized by the continuous search for excellence and top quality.

The gastronomic events on the panoramic terraces overlooking the majestic Dolomite peaks turn a lunch, dinner or even just a simple rest stop into a "delicious" experience.


The numerous rest stops are all very special, thanks to their location, atmosphere and history. In the Cortina Delicious area, there are refuges where you can still breathe the atmosphere of the dawn of mountaineering, mountain huts that hosted daring pioneers who climbed the Dolomites at the end of the 1800s.

Here we introduce them to you:


Events throughout the year

Multi-handed dinners in collaboration with Cortina's most renowned chefs are organized throughout the year, breakfasts at sunrise, aperitifs at sunset and other gastronomic events have become unmissable classics.


  • In September takes place the Delicious Festival Dolomiti, a sporting and cultural event that promotes the natural, historical, alpine and culinary heritage of Cortina d'Ampezzo.
  • Throughout the winter season, every Friday and Saturday the refuges Averau and Scoiattoli organize Moonlight Dinners combining sports at night, delicacies and a starry sky.
  • On the occasion of traditional events and festivals there is no shortage of proposals; as the way to the heart is through the stomach, at Averau Refuge Valentine's Day is celebrated extensively with the "Week of Love" under the banner of fine dining.
  • Sports enthusiasts should not miss the Slow Delicious Trekking: A slow 24-hour walk from sunset to dawn and then further on until the evening of the following day, amid the most beautiful mountains with rest stops at the best restaurateurs in the Delicious Cortina area.

This is just a little "foretaste" of the Cortina Delicious team’s offer.
Learn more checking the event calendar.


Let's not forget the excellent quality of wine and grappa flavored with local fruits and herbs, ideal after a day of trekking in the Dolomites and an unforgettable sunset, in the warm hospitality of the mountain.

The refuges and restaurants in the area offer a series of gastronomic events, where you can enjoy special dishes depending on the occasion.