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The Super8 Ski Tour is a must-do experience when skiing in Cortina, offering breathtaking views of the most famous Dolomite peaks, such as the Tofana, Pelmo, Civetta, Marmolada, Fanes, Averau, 5 Torri and Conturines.

The Ski Tour winds its way around the mountains in an 8-shape, along beautiful and varied slopes, and can be entered via the lifts at Bai de Dones, the Giau Pass, Falzarego Pass and Armentarola.

High-altitude refuges, hotels, restaurants with panoramic terraces, frozen waterfalls, and high-quality services all contribute to a unique experience that includes even a horse-powered ski pull!



Access points

  • Chairlift Fedare – Giau pass
  • Chairlift 5 Torri – Bai de Dones district
  • Cable car Lagazuoi – Falzarego pass
  • Chairlift Col Gallina – Falzarego pass
  • Armentarola - Badia 
  • From winter 2021-2022 on, the Falzarego-Lagazuoi ski area can be reached on skis thanks to the Cortina Skyline gondola lift.

Parking areas:

  • at the valley station of the Lagazuoi cable car, Falzarego Pass - paid
  • at the valley station of the Col Gallina chairlift, Falzarego Pass - free
  • at the valley station of the 5 Torri chairlift, Bai de Dones district - free
  • at the valley station of the Fedare chairlift, Giau Pass - free

Technical Data:


In addition to the undisputed beauty of the ski tour, we want to highlight that:

  • the skiers cross three of the most fascinating Dolomite passes, Forcella Nuvolau, Croda Negra and Lagazuoi, on slopes with magnificent views.
  • on a section of the Armentarola slope, there are remarkable ice falls, and on the last stretch, horses lift skiers back to the taxi bus, which takes them back to the Falzarego Pass.

The winners of Super8 Selfie, Photo & Video Competition 2020

Video of  Francesco Cendron - The winner of the Super8 Selfie, Photo & Video competition 2020

Super8 Ski Tour - ©Renato Coviello