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From hut to hut

Around the 5 Torri

The characteristic rock formations of the 5 Torri, emblem of Cortina and a popular climbing area, are instantly recognizable from their particular shape, reminiscent of medieval towers. Around the 5 Torri, a network of easy paths, trenches and restored emplacements leads through the WW1 open-air museum.

Under the climbing walls

The name Cinque Torri in translation means five towers and, in fact, five vertical rock towers sprout out of the terrain in the middle of a green landscape. At the foot of this scenic rock formation, hiking trails wind amidst nature and through the WW1 open-air museum. From these hiking trails and from the refuges of the area you can admire the mountaineers on the climbing walls of the 5 Torri.

Meadows and pastures

The Cortina Delicious area is a great nature oasis and a gateway to the Ampezzo Dolomites Nature Park and the Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park. It hosts differing environments, from forests to high rocky crests alternated with high pastures surrounded by mountains famous throughout the world.

The lakes of the Cortina Delicious area

Crystal clear small lakes, surrounded by green meadows, forests and mountain peaks, which are beautifully reflected in the water. The lakes of the Cortina Delicious area are different from one another and each is unique. Easy walks and stunning hikes can take you there.

In the footsteps of WW1 soldiers

The Cortina Delicious area offers itineraries of natural and historical interest. These mountains host the largest open-air museum of World War 1 with routes of various levels of difficulty through restored trenches, emplacements and tunnels.

Through the Cortina Delicious area

Easy walks along meadows and forests, hiking routes in mesmerizing scenery, breathtaking high altitude walks along the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomite ridges in the heart of the Cortina Delicious area.

Under the Tofana di Rozes

The mountain's giant three-edged pyramid shape and its vertical south face make the Tofana di Rozes the most popular peak in the Tofane group. The iconic mountain of Cortina d'Ampezzo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Dolomites. Consequently, many mountain refuges, numerous hiking trails and via ferratas have been built here over the years.