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For all those who are keen on extreme sports, a new activity is taking hold: SNOWKITING. This is a free ride sport involving a kite which enables you to enjoy our mountains to the full while being pulled along by wind power alone!

There is no need for traditional energy sources such as petroleum and its derivatives to take you back up the slopes, no ski pass to pay for and no queuing. Instead, you have the freedom to go up and down the snow-covered slopes with the aid of your kite.

Kite area Mondeval - Giau 

Kite area Mount Pore

Contact details: 
Tel +39 331 4885789
Scuola Kite4Freedom

A tip


Next to the slope, the Fedare Refuge offers a cosy retreat. On the terrace overlooking Mt. Civetta, you can have lunch or admire the panorama.

Not least, you can enjoy the traditional Dolomite cuisine prepared by Mrs Anna Troi and her son Ivan, accompanied by South Tyrolean, Italian and Chilean wines from the well-stocked wine cellar of the house.


  • Launching and landing a kite in the car park or the area above the car park is strictly forbidden.
  • Launch and land the kite only in the depression under the parking area.
  • Do not jump over the road
  • It is forbidden to launch the kite next to roads, houses, refuges, electricity pylons and trees.
  • When landing with the snow kite, pay close attention to walking people and tourists, and in case of landing the kite.
  • Be sure that you can handle the prevailing weather conditions and know the forecast.
  • Do not launch a kite if you do not have enough skill and experience.
  • Snowkiters must always be able to control their kite.
  • Do never snowkite under the influence of alcohol or other psychotropic substances.
  • Every snow kiter must behave in a way that does not endanger and cause damage to other people.
  • To avoid injuries, the area is off-limits to inexperienced people without weather-appropriate gear.
  • In the event of an injury, it is mandatory to provide aid.
  • Snowboards and skis carry a high risk of accidents; aerial manoeuvrers increase this risk.
  • It is highly recommended to wear a helmet.
  • The existence of a snowkite area does not release the snow kiter from liability for personal injury or property damage.