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Photo and video competition with prizes.
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Deadline for submitting your entries: Sunday 2nd April 2023

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Hikes to lakes and high pastures

Activities for families with children

Cortina Delicious is a huge open-air playground

Here kids can learn history through play, come face to face with nature and experience unforgettable adventures.

With easy hikes, they can visit the open-air museums of the First World War, reach the peak of the Little Lagazuoi, hike on the Frontline Trail and do the circular hike of the three refuges.

Parents with small children will enjoy an excursion - with a trekking buggy or a child carrier - to Lake Bai de Dones and Lake d'Ajal. On the path to the alpine huts of Fedarola, they will walk through the beautiful meadows of Pocol and Son Dei Prade.

Slightly older kids can visit the tunnel of the Piccolo Lagazuoi wearing a helmet with a headlamp. In just one hour, they can reach the summit of Mount Pore, an extinct volcano with geology that differs a lot from the dolomite rock. They can hike to the alpine pastures of Peziè de Parù, a short, easy and panoramic walk through the forest, perfect for children as they can admire the cows on the mountain pastures and in the stable and see the tools still used by the cowherd.  

Discover all our themed hiking tours for families

PLEASE NOTE: if you want to rent a trekking buggy or a child carrier, pop in at the Sport Rental Pocol, which is conveniently located at Pocol, inside the hotel Villa Argentina, on the stunning Great Dolomites Road SS – 48.

Explore the Dolomites with the mountain guides

Explore the tunnels and trenches of the First World War open-air museum, learn to recognize trees and flowers, hear the marmots whistling to each other... all with Cortina's mountain guides, who organize day trips and easy via ferratas as well as tailor-made tours with overnight stays in mountain refuges for groups.

Further information:
Gruppo Guide Alpine Scuola d’Alpinismo
Corso Italia 69/a – “Ciasa de ra Regoles”
32043 Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL) – Italy
+39 0436 868505 - info@guidecortina.com