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Hike to the alpine pastures of Peziè de Parù

The pastures at Peziè de Parù can be reached with an easy, panoramic hike through the forest with very special refreshment points. A perfect hike for children who can admire the cows on the mountain pastures and in the stable and see the tools still used by the cowherd.

We suggest starting at the large parking area of Son dei Prade. From the centre of Cortina, you can reach it in 15 minutes by car or bus. It is situated on the left side of the Great Dolomites Road (SS 48) in the Falzarego pass direction.

Before starting the hike, a stop at Baita Resch, 50 metres from the Son dei Prade car park, is a must. Amidst green meadows, facing the Tofane and far away from the noise and traffic, this refuge boasts a terrace with a breathtaking view of Cortina. Here you have the opportunity to taste the incomparably delicious desserts made by the hut keeper, Ivan Resch, a professional pastry chef. Then you can start the hike full of energy.

At the Son dei Prade car park, take the path that runs slightly uphill parallel to the SS 48, which takes you to trail no.406 in 5 minutes: it is a large, recently re-established forest road that winds through the forest. The slightly sloping route is always well signposted and offers stunning views of the Croda da Lago and Becco di Mezzodì mountains.

After less than an hours walk, a stunning view of the large Peziè de Parù plateau opens up. Worldwide famous mountains surround it like a crown: Tofana, 5 Torri, Antelao, Sorapis and Cristallo. The Peziè de Parù mountain refuge is situated in the middle of the meadow. With its large terrace, deck chairs and a small stream with clear and pure water, it invites children to play safely.
The cuisine is anchored to the original mountain recipes, as guaranteed by the chef who is originally from Ampezzo, and prepares Casunziei, dumplings and barley soups for his guests rigorously according to traditional recipes. The refuge’s ginger, cumin, blueberry and mountain herbs brandies are very popular. The Peziè de Parù refuge is also a very popular location for birthday parties and weddings in a neat rustic ambience.

Return on the same way. First, a short stretch leads uphill, then downhill to the Son dei Prade car park. The descent is gentle and not demanding. Before getting back to your car, you should not miss another stop at Baita Resch for a snack or a tea with Ivan's delicious desserts.



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If you want to get to the starting point by public transport, you can take the Dolomiti Bus or Cortina Express buses at the bus station in Cortina towards the Falzarego pass. There is a request stop directly at the Son dei Prade car park. Information about the timetables is provided by:

Servizi Ampezzo
Via G. Marconi n° 5 (at the bus station) –  Cortina d’Ampezzo
Tel. + 39 0436 867921

Recommended equipment

  • trekking boots
  • backpack
  • water and provisions, in any case, there are refreshment points along the way, the refuges Baita Resch and Malga Peziè de Parù
  • a change of clothes
  • a rain jacket and a first aid kit

Please PAY ATTENTION to cyclists on this itinerary.

Difficulty: easy

Departure point: Baita Resch

Arrival point: Malga Peziè de Parù refuge
Total duration: ca. 2 ore/hrs./Std. a/r
Path number: CAI 406
Total difference in altitude: 105 m.
Altitude at starting point: 1535 m.
Altitude at arrival: 1640 m.
Minimum altitude: 1535 m.
Maximum altitude: 1640 m.
Best time of year: all year round. In winter also with snow shoes.
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