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Via ferrata Ra Gusela

A beautiful protected climbing route, short and also suitable for beginners, who won’t encounter any major technical difficulty.  

The view from the top of Mount Nuvolau is truly spectacular and has been renowned since the dawn of mountaineering.

It is no coincidence that the Nuvolau refuge was built here, at an altitude of 2,575 meters, in 1883. This is the oldest mountain hut in the Dolomites.

This secured climbing route was built on the south face of the Nuvolau group and is usually climbed uphill, starting at the Giau Pass.

Often it is combined with the via ferrata Averau.


  • he description of this via ferrata was kindly provided by the mountain guides „Gruppo Guide Alpine Cortina“.
  • You can find more information in Italian, English and German language on this topic in the guide "Ferrate a Cortina" by Francesco Cappellari
  • *Normal via ferrata equipment consisting of:
    -via ferrata set (2 lanyards and 2 carabiners, sink)
    -gloves are not essential but highly recommended


Difficulty: moderately difficult secured path that anyway requires attention

Departure point: from the Giau pass or the Cinque Torri refuge to the south on path 443 and then 438

Arrival point: Giau pass or back to the Cinque Torri refuge

Total duration: 2,5 ore/hrs./Std.

Total difference in altitude: 340 m dal Passo Giau – 390 m dal Rifugio Cinque Torri

Vertical drop on the ferrata : 350 m.

Altitude at starting point: 2.137

Maximum altitude: 2.574 m


from the Giau pass on path no. 443 to the signpost no. 438. Here begins the path to the start of the via ferrata, situated in a channel on the east face of Mt. Ra Gusela. Alternatively you can hike from the Cinque Torri refuge southward on the same path no.443 up to the same junction and proceed on path no.438.




the route follows the natural fissures of the rock; you climb a crevice of crumbling rock, debris-free due to the numerous passages. A metal ladder allows you to overcome a steep section. After the first section of the via ferrata, you are amidst the lunar landscape of Mt. Nuvolau. Once you arrive below the edge of the Nuvolau, you tackle the last part of the via ferrata which on the ridge leads up to the Nuvolau refuge. From the Nuvolau refuge, you can reach the Averau refuge walking downhill for 30 minutes.


from the Averau refuge, you can reach the mountain hut Rifugio Cinque Torri in 40 minutes on path no. 439.
If you want to go to the Giau pass, at the Averau refuge you can take path no. 464/452, which leads to the Giau pass in an hour and a half or return comfortably with the Fedare chairlift.


Peak: Nuvolau – versante sud est / Nuvolau – south-east face

Orientation: ascent south east - descent west

Gear: *a normal via ferrata set. You need an appropriate equipment in case of snow

Best time of year: from June to October (extra caution is needed in the event of snowfall in spring or early snow)