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Mountain Café Rifugio Lago d'Ajal

Opening dates: closed in winter 2023-24, summer opening: end of May-end of October. Always check the dates

The Lago d’Ajal Refuge is mirrored in the water of the same-named romantic alpine lake.

Known for the beauty of the place and the excellent cuisine of the restaurant, this refuge also offers a convenient and fast Mountain Café service.

On the large terrace, a cosy corner with a view of the lake has been set up specifically for guests who want to enjoy snacks, light meals or aperitifs.

For a salty snack you can choose between cheese and cold cuts platters, toasted sandwiches, tasty bread rolls – also for vegetarians - and the local Puccia bread with speck.

The bar proposes every kind of soft drinks, cocktails and warm drinks.

For a sweet break you can choose between different types of cake: Sacher, buckwheat, strudel and tiramisu. Or a delicious dessert such as berries with cream, with yoghurt or sugar and lemon.

The service is extremely fast: you can choose and pick up your drinks and snacks directly at the bar.
Opening hours: from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Learn more about the Lago d'Ajal Refuge at this page  >>>

About the accommodation


Rifugio Lago D’Ajal
Località: Lago d’Ajal
Indirizzo: Lago d’Ajal n.1  
Cortina d'Ampezzo
32043 (BL)

Altitude: 1405 m.

Parking area: free, unattended parking lot

WiFi: free



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