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Restaurant La Baita

Opening dates: December-Easter / end of May-end of October - Always check the opening and closing dates

The kitchen offers typical dishes of the Dolomite tradition such as “canerderli” (dumplings), barley soup and “pastin” (a sort of patty made of minced meat). The local cheeses are a must.

The dishes are prepared using mainly zero-mile food products from the Belluno area such as Lamon beans and barley.
From the menu you can choose between different local dishes and prestigious Italian brands such as the quality noodles of the pasta factory Felicetti of Predazzo, the Parma ham, the buffalo mozzarella.

High quality dry-aged beef, particular meats such as bison, grilled meats and vegetables are available.

You must try our grilled colt, maybe after a visit to the castle of Andraz r a walk along the trenches of the open air museum.

Of course, ‘polenta’ is always available to complete the second courses. And to appreciate our dishes even more, there is nothing better than a glass of good wine. In the wine cellar you can choose from a wide selection of Italian and international wines.

The Delicious Cortina team, which also includes the Restaurant La baita, organizes all kinds of events throughout the year:  from high altitude concerts, parties on the panoramic terraces, exhibitions and meetings in the cultural centres of the area, historical re-enactments in the museums of WWI, sports competitions, themed dinners and photo competitions to solidarity events.The complete list of all these experiences is published in the events calendar.

About the accommodation


Hotel Ristorante La Baita
Loc. Cernadoi 64
32020 Livinallongo del Col di Lana (BL)

Altitude: 1.600 m



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