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Nuvolau Refuge

Opening dates: mid-June - end of September - Always check the opening and closing dates

Built in 1883, the mountain hut Rifugio Nuvolau is the oldest refuge in the Dolomites.

An authentic eagle's nest built on the summit of Mount Nuvolau (2575 metres high!), it has been renowned since the dawn of mountaineering for its breathtaking panorama.

Paul Grohmann sings its praises in his work “Wanderungen in den Dolomiten” (Hiking in the Dolomites), written in 1877: “… a sea of mountains lies before us, and it would be useless to try and list them or describe them. Only the camera can fix our impressions…”.

The magnificent view which opens up from the top, especially when the sun is rising, makes the way up there well worth the effort.

Far away from the ski lifts and the chaos of the centre of Cortina, it is easy to reach on foot.

The refuge is organised in the old style and you need a bit of the spirit of adaptability of the pioneers of the 19th century in order to be in seventh heaven.

Besides, this is all part of the fascination, a bit rough but genuine, of experiencing the mountains in an authentic way.
The refuge sleeps 24, with the following rooms:

o        2 rooms for 4 people
o        1 room for 3 people
o        1 room for 5 people
o        a dormitory for 8 people

From all the rooms there is a splendid view of Cortina, Giau pass and the Marmolada.

Bookings are not accepted for groups of more than 8 people without prior agreement with the host.

Rooms themselves cannot be booked, only beds. The host will then do all he can to satisfy his clients' needs.

Since many hikers and climbers have to be accommodated, those who book may find themselves having to share a room with others.
Save for extreme weather conditions, the refuge cannot accommodate more guests than its full capacity.
Silence is requested after 10 p.m. for the benefit of hikers and climbers wishing to leave early the next day.

Water is transported via telepher line from the Cinque Torri refuge, involving incredible effort and energy consumption. For this reason, showers are not possible.
Rooms must be vacated by 9.00 a.m.

The Nuvolau refuge provides a restaurant and snack bar service.

Breakfast is served from 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 a.m.

Dinner is served from 7:00 to 7.30 p.m.

Please make your reservation sending an e-mail to

*The prices are established by the section CAI Cortina of the Italian Alpine Club with discounts for members of the affiliated Alpine Clubs.

The extraordinary panorama that can be admired from Mt. Nuvolau has been well known for centuries, and the paths branching off from the passes Falzarego and Giau, the Andraz Castle and 5 Torri are extremely ancient.
From the dawn of tourism at the start of the 1800s, the mountain guides of the Ampezzo Valley have been proud to take their clients to the peaks of this mountain, easily reachable but at the same time offering a breathtaking view over the Dolomites.

The Nuvolau Refuge was the first shelter to be built in the high mountains in the territory of Cortina d'Ampezzo.
It was opened to climbers on 11th August 1883, thanks to the efforts of Colonel Richard von Meerheimb of Dresden, who had been able to overcome a serious lung disease by staying in Ampezzo.

In order to hand down to his descendants his gratitude to the valley that had given him hospitality and where he had been healed, the colonel donated money to the local branch of the German and Austrian Mountaineering Alpine Club, on condition that it be spent on the building of a mountain refuge.

Thus, under the presidency of Giuseppe Ghedina Tomasc, rose the first refuge of Cortina.
In memory of the colonel's deed, the Ampezzo branch baptised the building with the name of “Sachsendankhütte”, or the “refuge of the Saxon's gratitude”.

The Cortina branch of CAI, designated as its proprietor at the end of the First World War, enlarged it and in 1930 was able to offer climbers a bigger and more comfortable refuge that is still today a desirable destination for enthusiastic mountaineers.

In order to enjoy the legendary pink sunsets and sunrises from the summit of the Nuvolau, you can take advantage of the hospitality of the Menardi family.

Historical Insights.

The Delicious Cortina team, which also includes the refuge Nuvolau, organizes all kinds of events throughout the year: from high altitude concerts, parties on the panoramic terraces, exhibitions and meetings in the cultural centres of the area, historical re-enactments in the museums of WWI, sports competitions, themed dinners and photo competitions to solidarity events.

The complete list of all these experiences is published in the events calendar.

About the accommodation


Rifugio Nuvolau
Monte Nuvolau
Cortina d'Ampezzo
32043 (BL)

Altitude: 2.575 m

Beds: 24

Access: easy to reach on foot

WiFi: free Wi-Fi

Pets: pets are not allowed in the bedrooms



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