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Sasso di Stria

The tapered shape of the secondary summit of Mt. Sasso di Stria in the Fanes Group characterizes the stunning landscape that you can gaze from the Falzarego pass.

This crag is located at the foot of the east wall, where the hiking trail begins, which leads up to the edge.

Due to its characteristics, it is also suitable for beginners and climbing courses.

Nearby you can visit the open-air museum of World War I on Mt. Sasso di Stria and the Goiginger tunnel: with a short, not demanding excursion, you can cross horizontally almost the entire east wall of the Sasso di Stria.  

Technical details

  • Height.: 2000m
  • Orientation: south
  • Number of pitches: 27
  • Grades: easy, 4-5
  • Rope: 50 m
  • Quick-draws: 8
  • Approach: 5 minutes from the parking lot
  • Equipment: normal mountain climbing gear consisting of:  
    -climbing backpack
    -climbing rope, 60 m
    -climbing shoes
    -2 anchor slings, 3 m each
    -4 slings, 1,8 m each
    -2 screwgate carabiners
    -8 quick-draws
    -cams, medium size
  • You can find more information on this topic in the guide "Crags in Cortina d'Ampezzo" published by the climbing group "Gruppo Scoiattoli Cortina" in 2016.
  • For further information visit the website lagazuoi.it
  • The description of this crag was kindly provided by the mountain guides „Gruppo Guide Alpine Cortina“.
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