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On the south wall of the Piccolo Lagazuoi, to the right of the cable car, in the early years of this century Cortina’s alpine guides Guide Alpine di Cortina realized a beautiful sport climbing area.

Today, this crag offers 27 easy and mid-grade climbing routes and is also suitable for less experienced sport climbers.

In this area you climb, between trenches and emplacements, on the front line of the Italian army during World War II.

All routes of this crag can easily be accessed from the parking lot of the Lagazuoi cable car via the Frontline Trail.

As regards access to the equipped rock climbing walls of the northern sector, it is advisable to take the cable car.

The best time of the year is from May to October. Since the crag faces south, climbing is also possible on clear winter days.

  • Height.: 2.300 m
  • Orientation: South
  • Number of pitches: 26
  • Grades: from 4a to 7b+
  • Rope: 70 m
  • Quick-draws: 15
  • Equipment: normal mountain climbing gear consisting of:  
    -climbing backpack
    -climbing rope, 70 m
    -climbing shoes
    -2 anchor slings, 3 m each
    -4 slings, 1,8 m each
    -2 screwgate carabiners
    -8 quick-draws
    -cams, medium size
  • Approach: 1 hour miutes from the mountain hut Rifugio Lagazuoi
  • More information on the web site lagazuoi.it.
  • The description of this crag was kindly provided by the mountain guides „Gruppo Guide Alpine Cortina“.



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