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The Week of Love


For the Siorpaes family of the Averau Refuge, this is how to celebrate “Valentine’s Day” and make it an unforgettable experience: good taste against a backdrop of breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

From Wednesday, 14th to Sunday, 18th February

By tradition, during the Week of Love - from Wednesday, 14th to Sunday 18th February - the Siorpaes family celebrates Valentine's Day and Love with an extraordinary menu, served on the terrace of the refuge that offers a stunning view of the Civetta and the Marmolada mountains.
During this week, you can enjoy the dishes prepared only during this special period!

At Averau Refuge, sweethearts are sure to find the ideal wine pairing in the extensive wine list selected by Matteo, the refuge's passionate cook and sommelier.

The cosy and pleasantly bright atmosphere in the refuge and the sunny attitude of Sandro and Margot ensure that couples celebrate a very special day in the heart of the Dolomites.

The menu for sweethearts

  • Valentine's Day appetizer: marinated deer carpaccio (raw paper-thin slices), croûtons with white bacon, savory ricotta cheese strudel, Italian sausage and artichokes
  • 'Ravioli dell'Amore': pasta dough with coffee and almonds, filled with Taleggio cheese and dressed with orange sauce
  • Deer in Port wine: venison fillets sautéed with apples and pine nuts, flambéed with Ruby Port wine and served with polenta
  • Red Velvet cake: red with cheese cream and strawberries

PLEASE NOTE: For the menu for two „Menù dell’Amore” the lady will pay only half the price if the couple submits the printout of this website.

The picture shows the panoramic terrace of Averau Refuge with a view of the imposing Dolomites and the new round regulars’ table, the fireplace in the centre adding a little magic.
© Diego Gaspari Bandion

Date: From Wednesday 14th to Sunday 18th February 2024

Venue: Averau Refuge

Host of the event: Famiglia Siorpaes

Phone number: +39 - 0436 4660 - 335 6868066




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