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Open-air curling at high altitudes

A curling rink on the frozen lake d'Ajal

It's impossible to resist the call of ice, especially if you have this natural element in your DNA. Because Alberto Alverà, since July 2021 host of the Lago d'Ajal Refuge, grew up with "bread and ice”: For him and his family, curling is a family affair.

Thanks to this passion and the desire to share it with others, Alberto has made sure that the guests of the Lago d'Ajal Refuge have the opportunity to practice this sport in a playful way, combining lunch and dinner with a little exercise.

Curling is a little-known sport discipline with the great advantage of creating wonderful harmony between the participants. Try it out!

The playing surface of the frozen lake is always available, obviously taking into account the weather conditions.

Useful information

Date: from December 2022 to 31st March 2023

Venue: Lago d'Ajal Refuge


Phone number: +39 376 0474338

Website: https://cortinadelicious.it/IT/s20-tipo-3-Rifugio-Lago-d-Ajal



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