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From the meadows of Pocol to the alpine huts of Fedarola

This easy and very scenic excursion is suitable for family hikes. The route leads through the beautiful high meadows of Pocol to the ancient mountain huts of Fedarola: formerly used as a summer pasture for livestock, now they are empty. Due to the beauty of the place, famous films were shot in these buildings and the surrounding area, such as De Sica's "A Place for Lovers" in 1968 (read more).
The hike starts near the Hotel & Restaurant Villa Argentina on the Great Dolomites Road, just a few kilometres from Cortina d'Ampezzo and the Giau and Falzarego Dolomite passes.
Founded more than 100 years ago as a small inn, today it is a modern hotel & restaurant. It offers the best services while maintaining its tight link with the past. The "à la carte" menu includes traditional mountain dishes and a wide selection of pizzas.
At Son dei Prade, about halfway, there is the Baita Resch Refuge, an excellent stop with fine cuisine. The hut keeper, a master pastry chef, prepares extremely delicious desserts to enjoy on the beautiful terrace of the refuge with a view of Cortina and the surrounding mountains.

Recommended time of the year
This route is recommended all year round as it is easy and of great naturalistic interest.
In spring, when the meadows in Pocol and Son de Prade are carpeted in colour and in autumn, when the forests offer their annual play of colours, this hike is particularly fascinating.

The start of this hike can also be reached by regular bus service.
Information about the timetables is provided by
Servizi Ampezzo
Via G. Marconi n° 5 (at the bus station) – Cortina d’Ampezzo
Tel. +39 0436 867921



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Recommended Equipment
Trekking shoes - backpack - water and snacks, even if you can stop along the way at the mountain refuge Baita Resch and at the Hotel & Restaurant Villa Argentina, - a change of clothes - raincoat and first-aid kit.

If you want to rent trekking buggies and child carriers, pop in at the Sport Rental Pocol, which is conveniently located on the road to the starting point of the hike.

Difficulty: easy

Departure point: Hotel Villa Argentina

Arrival point: alpine huts of Fedarola - Baita Resch halfway
Total duration: ca. 2 ora/hour/Std. a/r - 0,5 Villa Argentina/Baita Resch - 0,5 Baita Resch/Malghe Fedarola
Path number: Cai n. 403
Total difference in altitude: 230 m
Altitude at starting point: 1540 m.
Altitude at arrival: 1770 m.
Maximum altitude: 1770 m.

Park your car at Hotel Villa Argentina. On the meadow next to the hotel departs an easy unmarked path that leads gently uphill to the Baita Resch Refuge. From there, hike to the top station of the chair lift, where the signposting of hiking trail no. 403 begins. The trail leads slightly uphill through a forest. In a short time, you skip from alpine meadows, which are still used today for haymaking and grazing, to mixed forests consisting of conifers, mainly larch and stone pine.



The way back is on the way there.

Along the way