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Baita Bai de Dones

Opening dates: December-Easter / June-September - Always check the opening and closing dates

Baita Bai De Dones is located near the valley  station of the 5 Torri chairlift, on the road to the Falzarego pass, next to a mountain lake, to the ski slopes and along the route of the Great War Ski Tour. Furthermore, the Restaurant is situated on the skiing circuit Super8 Ski Tour. This ski route is extremely panoramic. It winds around the mountains in an 8-shape along, easy slopes and has several entrances: the chairlifts of Bai de Dones and Giau pass, the Falzarego pass or Armentarola.

In winter, the restaurant offers local first courses and game dishes.

In summer the Baita Bai De Dones is the point of departure and arrival for many excursions, including the visit to the trenches and emplacements of the open-air museum of the Great War.

The owners’ passion is to care about the food heritage and to create good food for everyone. In winter the speciality of the house is wild game meat: you must try the wild boar, the venison (both deer and roe deer) and the hare with home made pasta or with polenta and mushrooms from the woods.

Not to speak of the local dishes from Ampezzo, such as red “casunziei” with beetroot or the green ones with spinach and ricotta cheese, which can be sampled on the spacious sun terrace or in the restaurant.

In summer Simonetta serves her guests drinks, tempting sandwiches, rolls and toasted sandwiches, ice creams and other desserts. Not to be missed are the Sachertorte, the Linzertorte, the classic apple cake and the apple or apricot strudel.

The restaurant also has a bookshop with a large selection of hiking guides and lovely souvenirs representing the mythical creatures of the local legends.

The name of the place, Bai de Dones, literally translated "The Woman's Bath", is the name of the small, romantic lake just a few steps away from the restaurant.

It is said that the lake was inhabited by the mysterious and much feared Anguànes, clovenfooted female water nymphs, who were servants of the god Sylvanus.
It is no coincidence that the figure of an anguana hangs over the front door of the restaurant as if welcoming the visitors.
It is said that when the Anguànes washed their master’s laundry, they came out into the open and could easily be seen. If some imprudent person had the misfortune to observe them at that critical moment, their fury at the presence of a stranger unleashed  fearsome storms.

The Delicious Cortina team, which also includes the refuge Baita Bai de Dones, organizes all kinds of events throughout the year:  from high altitude concerts, parties on the panoramic terraces, exhibitions and meetings in the cultural centres of the area, historical re-enactments in the WW1 museums, sports competitions, themed dinners and photo competitions to solidarity events.

The complete list of all these experiences is published in the events calendar.


About the accommodation


Baita Bai de Dones
Località Bai De Dones
Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)

Altitude: 1.889 m

WC: toilet for disabled guests

Parking area: free, unattended parking at the valley station of the 5 Torri chiarlift

WiFi: free Wi-Fi

Other services: souvenir shop and Bookshop - ski rental nearby



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