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Wellness at high altitude

The barrel sauna of Croda da Lago refuge

Modesto and Monica at the Croda da Lago "Palmieri" refuge propose a brand new way to pamper yourself at 2.046 meters of altitude: a Finnish sauna situated between the refuge and the beautiful Lake Federa, one of the most enchanting locations in Cortina.

A truly unique experience with good food, stunning scenery and not least, the pleasure of a hot steam bath. Relax in the Finnish sauna while you enjoy the fragrance of the wood and the warmth that slowly melts away all the tensions in your body. Take the opportunity to pamper yourself in this natural paradise.


Useful information:

The Croda da Lago refuge is a destination for mountaineering excursions and beautiful itineraries.

  • Cost: €20 per person
  • Note: by reservation only
  • When: from 8th of June to the 3rd of November
  • Contact: tel +39 0436/862085 e +39 0436/867387 +39 342 042 8935
  • More information

Lagazuoi: the highest altitude sauna in the Dolomites - 2752 m.

The mountain hut rifugio Lagazuoi (2752 m.) is famous all over the world for its spectacular Dolomite panorama.

Now guests can enjoy the breathtaking views while relaxing in the brand new Finnish sauna, pampered by soothing vapours and the warm fragrance of wood.

A simply unique wellness experience immersed in nature.

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The Scoiattoli refuge's hot-tub

In winter, immersed in hot water, sipping champagne under a starlit sky at high altitude, snow all around and with a view of the magnificent 5 Torri: a dream?

A dream made reality by the Lorenzi family, who had the bright idea of placing a barrel made of fir-wood in the snow outside the Scoiattoli refuge.

The water is constantly heated by a wood stove, allowing guests to truly enjoy this extraordinary and romantic outdoor experience. A must try!


Useful information:

  • The tub is available by reservation only. It comfortably accommodates 6 people.
  • The wooden open air bathtub of the Scoiattoli refuge is an extra service for guests who have booked an overnight stay in the Scoiattoli hut and must be booked in advance. PLEASE NOTE: The booking of the overnight does not include the use of the bathtub: You must explicitly state that you want to use this service. The reason is that the tub can be used only once a day, since the preparations take a long time.
  • Cost: 200 euro. A bottle of champagne is included in the price.The Champagne is served with croutons. Instead of a bottle of Champagne it is possible to order a bottle of Prosecco or soft drinks but the price remains the same.
  • Location: 5 Torri, Scoiattoli refuge.
  • When: from December to Easter - booking is required. 
  • For further information, call the following numbers: - Tel +39 0436 867939 Cell. 333 8146960