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Via Ferrata Giuseppe Olivieri to Punta Anna

The demanding Via Ferrata Olivieri is one of the most beautiful, exposed and airy secured climbing routes in Cortina and probably in the whole Dolomites area.

Thanks to its steepness, the breathtaking landscape and the excellent south-facing position, it is immensely satisfying.  

This ascent, almost entirely equipped with fixed wire ropes, follows the steep south ridge up to Punta Anna.

  • The description was kindly provided by the mountain guides Gruppo Guide Alpine Cortina.
  • You can find more information on this topic in the trilingual guide ""Ferrate a Cortina" by Francesco Cappellari.
  • *Normal climbing gear:
    -  climbing helmet
    -  harness
    -  Via Ferrata set (2 lanyards, 2 carabiners, sink)
    -  gloves are not essential but highly recommended

Difficulty: difficult

Departure point: Dibona refuge

Arrival point: Dibona refuge

Total duration: 5 ore/hrs./Std.

Total difference in altitude: 1400 m

Vertical drop on the ferrata : 300 m

Altitude at arrival: 2731

Peak: Tofana di Mezzo

Orientation: south

Gear: *Normal climbing gear. In case of snow, you need a suitable equipment

Best time of year: from June to October (extra caution is needed in the event of spring snow or early snow falls)