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Experience history hands-on - Reenactment at the 5 Torri

Experience history hands-on - 13th edition
Sunday 4th August

Historical re-enactment at the Open-air Museum - 5 Torri

On Sunday 6th August, historical re-enactors from all over the world wearing a uniform will kick off the day of historical re-enactment in the open-air museum of the First World War at the 5 Torri: don't miss the unique opportunity to receive interesting explanations and satisfy any curiosity concerning WW1 on the Dolomite front by passionate historians.

Museological setups and representations will show live the living conditions in a military camp in high altitude.

A Holy Mass will be held at 10 a.m.

The re-enactors  remain at your disposal for any information.

General information

•    The visit of the open-air museum with the re-enactors is free of charge
•     The museums can be reached on foot or with the 5 Torri cable car.
•    No reservation needed

Historical groups participating:

  • Associazione Storica IV NOVEMBRE Monte Pasubio
  • Associazione Storica  IV NOVEMBRE Ricercatori Storici
  • Associazione Storica FRONTE ORIENTALE
  • Darstellungsgruppe Süddeutsches Militär - Germany
  • Deutsches Denkmalschutzkommando 1916-1918. - Germany
  • DIE WÜRTTEMBERGER 1914.1918. - Germany
  • Füsilier WILHELM KLEIN 14 -18. - Germany
  • GRH "Historical Reenactment Group" K.u.K. Sturmtruppen - Poland
  • Gruppo Storico "6°ALPINI Btg. Verona"
  • Gruppo Storico "ADRIALINE"
  • Gruppo Storico "Carosello Storico 3 LEONI"
  • Gruppo Storico "Cavalieri del Fango"
  • Gruppo Storico "XVIII° ARDITI M. GRAPPA"
  • Gruppo Storico Culturale "I Grigioverdi del Carso"
  • Gruppo Storico Trentino
  • K.u.K. IR 14 "Grossherzog von Hessen"
  • Tradition Regiment LIR 27 Ljubljana - Slovenia
  • Zgodovinsko Društvo GENERALA Borojeviča Tolmin - Slovenia

Date: Sunday 4th August 2024

Time: from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Venue: WW1 open-air museum at the 5 Torri

Host of the event: Impianti Averau srl

Phone number: +39 - 0436 - 2863