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Delicious Trail Dolomiti
Saturday, 28th September 2024

©Giacomo Pompanin

The Delicious Trail Dolomiti is a trail race held in one of Cortina d’Ampezzo's most beautiful and historically significant nature spots.

The roughly 43 km long trail stretches from Cortina, Pocol, Croda Da Lago, 5 Torri, Nuvolau, Lagazuoi and the Falzarego Pass through the Open Air Museums of WW1, testifying to the combat seen high up in the Dolomites: the 5 Torri and Lagazuoi open-air museums and the Lagazuoi mine tunnel. The war fought in these mountains between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies was indeed an incredible event.

For trail neophytes and not fully trained mountain runners, there is a shorter route of around 22 km: the Short Delicious Trail Dolomiti. Furthermore, there is a medium-distance race, the approx. 30 km long Medium Delicious Trail Dolomiti with an elevation gain of 1900 metres.

What makes the Delicious Trail unique, however, is its emphasis on the eno-gastronomic aspect.

The high quality of the cuisine and the attention to service with an emphasis on the continual drive to improve structures, gastronomy and the safeguarding of the environment ensure pride of place to the event in the area's tourist programme,

In the start and arrival area at Pocol, there will be facilities dedicated to the very young and a kids’ trail, the Mini Delicious Trail Dolomiti.

Date: Saturday, 28th September 2024

Venue: Pocol - Cortina Delicious

Host of the event: Associazione L5T Sport ASD

Phone number: +39 - 0436 - 2863




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