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The Lavaredo Ultra Trail at the Averau Refuge


The seventeenth edition of The Lavaredo Ultra Trail, one of Europe's most important and highly anticipated trail races, will pass through Cortina, 5 Torri and Croda da Lago. People from all over the world will be coming to this incredible race, which will pass through the most spectacular places in the Dolomites, covering a distance of 120 km.

On the evening of Friday 28th June, from 11 p.m., hundreds of headlamps will shine on the boulevard Corso Italia, illuminating the way for the athletes on their first kilometres of night running.

It is a long journey on foot, that will be completed by professional athletes in 12 hours, but also a run for amateurs, who will have to cross the finish line within a maximum time of 30 hours.

Come to the Averau Refuge and support with us the athletes who will be passing through as follows:  
        > for the 120 km race on 28th June at km 101
        > for the 80 km race on 29th June at km 58
        > for the 50 km race on 28th June at km 30
To give the athletes a proper welcome, the Siorpaes family of the Averau Refuge is organizing a refreshment point reserved for the athletes on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th June, which will remain open until all participants have passed.

The party continues on the shores of Lake Federa, where the Alverà family of the Croda da Lago Refuge traditionally celebrates this great sporting event with chicken on a spit and live music. This event is OPEN TO ALL.
Lean more about the chicken party on this page >>>

Date: Friday 28th and Saturday 29th June 2024

Venue: Panorama terrace of the Averau Refuge

Host of the event: Famiglia Siorpaes

Phone number: +39 0436 – 4660




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