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PalaSkiMo Delicious: fine cuisine and wine to accompany the final stage of the SkiMo World Cup

Cortina Delicious is bringing a marquee to Col Gallina,
offering the perfect spot for the public to indulge in traditional delicacies 
and have a great time before, during, and after the races.

From Saturday, 6th April to Wednesday, 10th April, Cortina will host the final stage of the SkiMo World Cup, a prestigious sporting event that attracts sports and mountain enthusiasts.
The event is also an excellent opportunity to showcase the region's excellent culinary tradition of the Ampezzo region.

Thanks to the PalaSKiMo Delicious, the public will not only follow the races but also enjoy flavours that will perfectly accompany this exciting sporting event. Cortina Delicious is teaming up with top local suppliers to bring you the ultimate high-altitude gastronomic experience, featuring authentic dishes made with locally sourced "zero-kilometer" ingredients.

The PalaSkiMo Delicious will offer entertainment as well, featuring daily performances by various muisicians to enchant  the crowd. The most anticipated shows will occur on the opening and closing days of the competition, including the "Aprés-SkiMo" event: on Saturday afternoon, the Tirolingstones, an Austrian duo known for their reinterpretation of music ranging from Elvis Presley and Jon Bon Jovi to Tyrolean yodelling, will perform, while on Wednesday a big party will celebrate the athletes and the end of the races in style.

The PalaSkiMo Delicious marquee will be open on Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th, Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th April from 10.30 a.m. until late afternoon.

Further information on the website


In order to allow for the races to take place, some slopes and lifts in our ski area will be closed to skiers. The Lagazuoi cable car will be regularly operating for skiers who want to ski down to Armentarola and for those who want to watch the race. See the the detailed list  >>>

Date: From Saturday 6th to Wednesday 10th April

Time: From 10.30 a.m. to late afternoon

Venue: Col Gallina

Host of the event: Cortina Delicious Team

Phone number: (+39) 0436 2863




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