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The Abruzzo region meets the Dolomites

This summer, the gastronomic offer of the Lago d'Ajal Refuge will be enriched by a new entry in the kitchen, Chef Christian from L'Aquila, who will offer a tasting menu with typical dishes of the Abruzzo region. Each course is paired with a wine chosen specifically by the hut keeper and sommelier Alberto.

PLEASE NOTE: The Lago d'Ajal Refuge is a small jewel, and the restaurant does not have many seats. It is an exclusive place for a limited number of guests. Thus you must book well in advance to get a table.

The dinner is an all-inclusive menu.
Price: 120,00 euros - only by reservation made by calling +39 376 0474338

The Lago d'Ajal Refuge can be reached on foot from Lake Pianozes (signpost no. 430 - approx. 30 minutes) or with an around 45-minute long walk with gentle ups and downs from the Malga Peziè de Parù Refuge.
Alternatively, a jeep service is available on request and by reservation calling (+39) 348 222 1626
If you want to reach the refuge on foot in the evening, you will need a torch.

Date: Friday, 14th July

Venue: Lago d'Ajal Refuge


Phone number: +39 376 0474338



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