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The Lake Limides

An easy hike for families to the limpid waters of the mountain lake Limides.

The undisputed beauty of this place attracts numerous photographers who capture stunning pics from dawn to dusk: as the hours of the day pass, the colours and atmospheres change but the iridescent magic of the place remains intact.

Lake Limides is a small high mountain lake set in an elongated basin, south-east of the Falzarego pass and north of Mt. Croda Negra, where the layers of dolomite stone are waterproofed by red clay.

This lake of glacial origins is fed by rainwater and melting snow. It has a small emissary that discharges only when the water level height reaches the overflow threshold.

In recent years the emissary drains only a few days a year and in late summer the lake dries up with increasing frequency.

That's why June is the best month for a hike to this high mountain lake.

The walk starts near the Col Gallina refuge. Hiking the trail n° 419 towards the saddle Forcella Averau, uphill through a beautiful larch and stone pine forest, in less than an hour you reach the enchanting Lake Limides.

The majestic profiles of the mountains Averau, Sasso di Stria, Lagazuoi and Tofana di Rozes reflect in the clear water of the lake.



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Difficulty: easy

Departure point: Col Gallina refuge

Arrival point: Col Gallina refuge
Total duration: 2 ore/hrs./Std.
Path number: Cai 419
Total difference in altitude: 127 m.
Minimum altitude: 2.050 m.
Maximum altitude: 2.174 m.
Gear: mountain boots and high mountain clothing
Best time of year: the lake dries up at the end of summer thus June is the best time to visit it
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