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Guided tour through the Open Air Museum Lagazuoi - Experience history hands-on


Guided tour with a historical re-enactor through the Open Air Museum of the Great War on Mount Lagazuoi.

Daily throughout the summer season.

No entrance fee, but donations are welcome.

Just a century after the end of the First World War a re-enactor wearing the uniform of the 3rd Regiment of the Tiroler Kaiserjäger, in full kit, illustrates the events from the Great War on Mt. Lagazuoi, scene of tragic battles between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops and improves our understanding of the tangible dimension of history.

The re-enactor wears a uniform  to commemorate all those who have contributed to peace, who are against war, who believe that we have responsibilities in the present because of our recent past.

When: daily from 25th Junly 2020 starting from 9.30 am.

The tour lasts about one hour. You can book it in advance or simply wait for the re-enactor at  the top station of the cable car or at Lagazuoi refuge.


Information and reservation:
Cable car Lagazuoi: +39 0436 867301
Lagazuoi refuge: +39 0436 867303
Andrea Orsi: freefall59@gmail.com
Johannes Erdmann: erdmann-gartenpflege@gmx.de

Organised by The Cultural Association of re-enactments, Historical Re-enactment Sentries Group of Lagazuoi