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Visit of the Andraz Castle

Beyond the Falzarego pass towards Alleghe rises the Andraz Castle, one of the most ancient castles in the Dolomites.

Visiting this castle, you will discover the extraordinary history of the Ladin language area in the upper part of the Agordino region.

It was built in 1027 on a great landslide, to defend the foundries and the road along which travelled the iron dug out of the mines of Mount Pore.

Recently restored and Improved with the most modern techniques, this castle is now a lively cultural centre that organizes all kinds of events.

See the opening times and admission fees for visiting Andraz Castle on the website www.castellodiandraz.it

Eat and sleep near Andraz Castle

If you drive down the Great Dolomite Road, you will soon come across the Hotel & Restaurant La Baita, which is known for its kind and warm hospitality. The kitchen seduces the guests with the traditional dishes of the Dolomites, which are prepared as far as possible with products grown in the province of Belluno, such as beans and barley grown in Lamon.

Date: from 2th June until 31st October2021

Venue: Località Castello - Livinallongo del Col di Lana


Phone number: +39 334 3346680

Website: https://www.castellodiandraz.it/it/



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