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Starlight Rooms Dolomites

©Giacomo Pompanin

Enrosadira, the Alpenglow in the Dolomites

When these rugged mountains are suffused in pink shades gradually turning to a fiery red, they take even the most experienced mountaineers by surprise.

Sleeping high up in one of our mountain shelters is the best way to admire the pink sunrises and the fiery sunsets.

The Delicious team arranges early morning breakfasts as well as aperitifs and dinners so that you can enjoy both spectacles to the full.

At Col Gallina you can admire the sky close up from a high altitude,  in a comfortable room with glass walls. The "Starlight Room Dolomites 360°" and "Starlight Room Dolomites Gourmet" are designed so that you can watch the sky all night long as it changes with time: in the evening the landscape shines in a glowing red light, the night is lit up by the light of the myriad stars and the moon, and then the dawn bathes the mountains at the Falzarego Pass, the Lagazuoi, the Tofana di Rozes and the Sasso di Stria in a soft pink light.

By reservation only.

Date: From 20th December until the 31st March 2020

Venue: Falzarego Pass

Host of the event: Raniero Campigotto


Phone number: +39 339 4425105 - +39 0436 2939

Website: https://rifugiocolgallina.com